Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Perfect Easter Gift for Children

I must admit, this was suggested from someone else...but I love it and thought I would share!

The Scentsy Buddies, which are stuffed animals that have "scent packs" in them are so perfect as Spring / Easter gifts...children love them, and they add such a nice fragrance to the air (and the snuggle factor for the stuffed animal is extremely high since they smell so good!). Favorite scents include: Vanilla Cream (like ice cream), Clean Breeze (think of a dryer sheet) and French Lavender (great calming fragrance for bedtime!). Check them out:

My children have already put in their "requests" to the Easter Bunny for the Lion and Lamb...and 4 different scent packs! Ha! They can't decide which one they love the most.

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