Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Sunshine Kids Foundation & Autism Speaks

What a wonderful way to help children receiving cancer treatments - and the warmer is PERFECT for children's rooms, bathrooms, schools, many options!

The Sunshine Kids Foundation has been providing positive, exciting group activities for children receiving cancer treatments in hospitals all over North America, at no charge to the kids or their parents, since 1982. The Sunshine Kids Warmer was created to honor and support the foundation’s work. The whimsical design and bright primary colors capture the simple joys of being a child. All of the net profits from the sale of this warmer will go directly to the Sunshine Kids Foundation.

Scentsy also has a warmer (which are wickless candles - with a low watt bulb, scented wax is warmed to release delicious scents!) that benefits Autism Speaks. I love working with a company who realizes the value of children...and gives us the chance to help in our own small way. : )If you'd like further information, please send me an email - glad to share.