Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Tiny Bit of Color

Something I never quite understood was the emphasis on one particular cosmetics product - blush. There always seems to be a lot of commentary and worry over how to apply it just the right way.

Thinking about our "non-made-up" faces, though, do any of us naturally blush exactly the same way? Some of us have a little more color higher on our cheeks than others. Some of us get blotchy...and some of us barely show any color at all. So why try to re-create a natural blush with products in an unnatural way?

To me, one of the biggest concerns with blush application is when you can tell it exists on someone's face. For example, a streak of color slashed across the cheeks to create the illusion of cheekbones is not flattering (use bronzer in the hollow and a highlighter on the bone instead...not pink, rose, or sunset colors).

Blush should be a natural complement to your skin, not a primary focus.

And for many of us, our skin gets flushed in the heat regularly anyway. Not to mention a little color from the sun. So there's no need to make our faces even more pink!

For a quick and easy, non-stressful blush application:

*Try a "sunset" shade - it tends to work well with most skintones (similar to the middle of the top petals of the rose to the right)

*Lightly load your brush with product
*Smile, start at the apple of your cheeks, and blend towards hairline
*Stop. No need to double-layer blush.
*Repeat on the other side

Or, you could have someone tell you a really funny joke...laughter will cause your face to light up beautifully...
: )

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Over the past few months of makeup workshops, I've discovered how very versatile a beautiful brown eye shadow can be. If you find the right color (something close to actual, deep, true-to-color and slightly shimmery) - here are some of the things you can do with it:

*Quick eyeliner: (see "stamping" technique in previous post) on top lashline only, add mascara = done

*Everyday eyeliner: apply to both upper and lower lashline (only halfway across lower lashline)

*Dramatic evening look: use chocolate on the lid, a smokey gray in the crease, then dot a white/shimmery shadow where your pupil would be when your eyes are closed = gorgeous!

*Darken another color: if you have a shadow that isn't quite dark enough (or when you apply it, is has no depth...and can barely be seen) - tap your eyeshadow brush into your brown first, then your other color. It will deepen the shadow without making it too harsh.

*Eyebrow fill: Using a slanted brush, and short strokes - you can create a beautiful eyebrow to frame your face. Of course, if you have light hair - use a lighter brown color

All these options, with just one color - that's smart spending!
: )